Recently, I began sharing a resource with men when they reached Step Twelve. It is a plastic 7-pocket expanding file filled with the paperwork we used for Step Four and Step Eight. It is very similar to the one they likely watched me pull pages from and hand to them while going through those steps in the previous weeks.

The idea is that now that they can share the message with others, they should have what they need to get started. I began to notice a deficit, though, in the effort and the gift. I covered Chapter Seven, where the Big Book teaches us how to work with others, and they each went through the steps and had the experience. However, it doesn’t mean they will remember what to do.

I began drafting instructions for getting started. Essentially, it is a summary of the Big Book instructions for the first and second visits. As I was writing, it seemed obvious that I should also include some guidance on getting a new person started on their Fourth Step.

The document was longer than I originally intended but much more useful than I thought it would be —at least I hope it will be. It is still too early to know if anyone has followed it actually to get started as a sponsor.

I now include a copy of the above document in the expanding file with the other paperwork linked to here:

I hope this is useful for anyone seeking help getting started as a sponsor.

In service,
Brian H