The Thursday Night Study Group

Thursday Nights at 7:30 pm | Fort Lauderdale, FL


We are an AA Group that meets once a week in Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Sunshine Cathedral

Sunshine Cathedral MCC
1480 SW 9th Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

About The TNSG

The Thursday Night Study Group is an AA group in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our weekly meeting on Thursday Nights at 7:30 pm is a Big Book Study format which is the legacy of John W and Welsey P before him. 

This legacy is a study of AA’s basic text, Alcoholics Anonymous through the reading and answering questions about the book. This facilitates discussion and keeps the meeting focused and moving forward. 

No longer a Hybrid AA Meeting

The Thursday Night Study Group is no longer in a Hybrid format. Please join us in-person.

Get in Touch

Whether you are trying to find help for a drinking problem or you are a member of AA reaching out to say hello please use this form to reach us. 

How to get started as a sponsor

Recently, I began sharing a resource with men when they reached Step Twelve. It is a plastic 7-pocket expanding file filled with the paperwork we used for Step Four and Step Eight. It is very similar to the one they likely watched me pull pages from and hand to them...

NEW – Calendar in Menu

We added a link called "Speaking" to the menu, which shows where group members are scheduled to speak locally or online so we can support each other. The page simply shows a dedicated calendar shared in the list view. If you are a member or friend of the group and...