1. What is the great obsession of every abnormal drinker? P30 – 1st p
  2. What is the first step in recovery? P30 – 2nd p
  3. Do we ever regain control of our drinking? P30 – 3rd p
  4. Is there a way to make a normal drinker out of an alcoholic? P30 – bottom to P31 – top
  5. What do we call an exception to the rule? P31 – 1st full p
  6. How might you determine if you have the physical allergy? P31 – bottom to P32 - top
  7. What lie did "a man of thirty” believe? P32 – 2nd full p
  8. What is the truth? P33 1st full p
  9. Does the length of time or the quantity we drank have anything to do with being an alcoholic? P33 – bottom
  10. What if you question whether you can quit on will power? P34 – 1st full p
  11. What determines if you can quit on a nonspiritual basis? P34 – 2nd full p
  12. What is the crux of the problem? P34 – bottom to 35 – top
  13. At what age did Jim start drinking? P35 – 2nd full p
  14. What happened after Jim made a beginning? Did he enlarge his spiritual life? P35 – Last p
  15. Why was Jim at a roadside place where they had a bar? P36 – 1st p
  16. How well did drinking whiskey with milk work? Did having a full stomach help? P36 – 2nd p
  17. How does the book define insanity on page 37? 1st full p
  18. What about getting drunk deliberately? P37 – 3rd full p
  19. What thrills the jay-walker? P37 – bottom
  20. Have we been strangely insane? P38 – 2nd full p
  21. What can nonalcoholics do that alcoholics cannot? P39 – 1st full p
  22. Can we emphasize this point to much? P39 – 1st full p
  23. Did it occur to Fred that he couldn’t quit on his own? P39 – bottom to P40 – top
  24. Was Fred able to refuse drinks initially? P40 – bottom
  25. What kind of day was Fred having? P41 – top
  26. Where did Fred go insane? P41 – 1st full p
  27. Had he thought of the consequences at all? P41 – bottom
  28. Did AA members hide the spiritual program from Fred? Did they mention the Twelve Steps? P42 – both full p
  29. Can spiritual principals solve other problems? What other effects can we expect? P42 – bottom to P43 – top
  30. Where must an alcoholic’s solution come from? P43 – last