1. What will insure immunity from drinking? P89 – 1st p
  2. What is the bright spot of our lives? P89 – 2nd p
  3. What if a prospect does not want to stop? P90 – 1st p
  4. Why might we talk to people close to the prospect? P90 – 2nd p
  5. Should we wait until after a binge? P90 – 3rd p
  6. What if he does not want to see you? P90 – bottom
  7. Why is it better to meet through an institution than through the family? P91 – 1st & 2nd full p
  8. What is the first thing we do on a Twelve Step Call? P91 – 3rd full p
  9. How do we identify ourselves as alcoholics? P92 – top (starts P91)
  10. Should we diagnose the new person as alcoholic? P92 – 1st full p
  11. Where do we keep his attention? P92 – bottom
  12. Should we stress the spiritual solution? P93 – top
  13. Should we use religious terms? P93 – 1st full p
  14. What if the prospect has vast religious education and training? P93 – bottom
  15. Problem, solution, and then what? P94 – 1st full p
  16. What if they don’t want to go along with the outlined program? P94 – last p
  17. Should we ever talk down to an alcoholic? P95 – 1st p
  18. What if he is not interested in the solution? P95–2nd p
  19. What if she is interested? P95 – 3rd p
  20. If they don’t respond should we chase them? P96 – 1st p
  21. What do we do the second visit? P96 – 2nd p
  22. What might we do that could harm him? P96 – bot
  23. Is Twelve Step Work always convenient? P97 – 1st full p
  24. What should we burn in our consciousness? P98 – 1st & 2nd full p
  25. Where there are domestic problems, what should be persisted in for a few months? P98 – bottom
  26. What must an alcoholic demonstrate with the family? P99 – 1st full p
  27. What can we do if we are spiritually fit? P100 – bot
  28. If an alcoholic cannot be around alcohol what is the matter? P101 – 1st full p
  29. What is our rule about being around booze? P101 – 3rd full p
  30. What is the important qualification? P101 – bottom
  31. What can we do that would deter people from asking us to drink? P102 – 1st full p
  32. What is our job now? P102 – 2nd full p
  33. Should we show hatred for alcohol? P103 – 1st full p