1. Was Bill’s first drinking experience exciting and fun? P1 – 1st p
  2. Did Bill’s drinking disturb people? P2 – 1st p
  3. What weapon boomeranged? P2 – 2nd p
  4. What role did drink have in Bill’s life? P3–1st fp
  5. After some life success did Bill’s drinking get more serious? P3 – 2nd full p
  6. What did Bill do instead of jumping from the towers of high finance? P4 – 1st full p
  7. Although Bill’s drinking progressed to “a necessity” did he still think he was in control? P5 – 1st p
  8. What did Bill wake up to? P5 – 4th full p
  9. Did Bill’s resolve pan out? P5 – 5th fp
  10. What was Bill trying to accomplish with two bottles of gin? P6 – 1st full p
  11. Did Bill’s family get him treatment? P7 – 1st fp
  12. What did Bill learn from the Doctor? P7 – 2nd fp
  13. Was self-knowledge the answer? P7 – 3rd
  14. What was Bill’s master? P8 – 1st full p
  15. Did fear keep Bill sober? P8 – 2nd fp
  16. It was years since Bill remembered Ebby coming to NY in what condition? P9 – top
  17. What was Ebby’s solution? P9 – 1st fp to last fp
  18. Although Bill did not like religion did he believe in a Power greater than himself? P10 – 3rd fp
  19. Did Bill recognize Ebby’s change as a miracle? P11 – last fp
  20. What new idea opened the door for Bill to take Step 2? P12 –1st thru 4th fp
  21. Where was Bill when he took the steps? How long do you think he was there? P 13
  22. What happened to Bill as a result of the steps? P 14 2nd full p
  23. Did Bill think he was insane? P14 – 3rd & 4th fp
  24. What had Ebby emphasized? P14 – bot